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Tuition fee is increasing year after year leaving students looking for alternative ways to fund their education. There are thousands of scholarship programs available in the U.S. Hence, it can be a daunting task to find out a scholarship program that matches your needs. At Scholarshipsservice.com, we offer comprehensive information on US scholarships. Our objective is to offer the best information on the most interesting scholarships for FREE.

We allow you to search for scholarships by majors, location, demographics and type. We update our site regularly to include useful information about new and unique scholarships. We are dedicated to help our visitors find out the perfect scholarship they deserve.

Scholarshipsservice.com makes it easy for students to choose from thousands of scholarships and grants. Our user-friendly website helps you to find a scholarship program that fits your needs. What makes us exclusive is that we offer plenty of information about scholarships without requiring you to submit your personal details. We continuously strive to provide you with latest information on the newest scholarships as quickly as possible.

In the past decades, high school education was good enough for Americans to earn a decent monthly income. However, the education scenario has changed drastically. Those who want to get a decent job need to complete college education. Advanced degrees are essential for lucrative careers. The college and university tuition costs have also increased in the last few years, which make college education unaffordable for many Americans.

Our team has researched extensively and accordingly we bring you information on scholarships and grants for students with different needs and capabilities. We have collected information from reliable sources and are confident that you will find out scholarship programs that are highly relevant for YOU.

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