Grants for Women – Some Important Things You Need to Know

Today, women are successful in just as many careers and business fields as men are, however, they still suffer from unfair practices in society. To help even the playing field, there are certain monetary awards known as grants that enable women to get the funds necessary to start a new career or business. If you want to pursue higher education or start a new business, finding out about grants for women can help you to alleviate your financial burden and make going to school or starting a business a reality and not just a dream There are quite literally a hundred or more grants that are strictly for women with varying circumstances such as single mothers or handicapped women. If you’re interested in learning about the possibilities that are out there when it comes to grants, you should definitely read further into this article and also check out the following website:

American Association of University Grants for Women

Are you a female student? Are you interested in research related to your community? Then it’s possible that you could be eligible for a grant or award from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in Washington. This program offers more than $3.7 million in grants for outstanding women in the country today. The recipients of these grants will carry out research in a range of disciplines to improve both their college and communities. Grants offered by the AAUW help women to overcome the barriers in education and society.

Career development grants are offered by AAUW to provide financial support to women who have completed a Bachelor’s  Degree and are preparing for advanced courses. Funds are available to pay for tuition, books, local transportation and supplies. In order to be eligible for this scholarship award, you should be a woman and a permanent resident or citizen of U.S. To learn more about this grant opportunity, check out the following AAUW website:

Selected professional fellowships are offered to women who want to pursue higher education in fields where women have historically been underrepresented. Architecture, information science, mathematics, computer technology and engineering are some of these fields, so if you’re thinking of following one of these career paths, then this just might be the grant for you so go check it out now!

Association for Women in Math Grants for Women

The Association for Women in Mathematics offers grants for women to encourage them to pursue higher education in mathematical sciences. The mentoring travel grants program offers funds to women who need to travel to another institution to do research. Junior women who want to develop long term mentoring relationship with senior mathematician can greatly benefit from this program. If this is something that you are aspiring to, then you definitely want to check out what this program has to offer. You can find out the more specific details at the following website:

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Scholarship Grants for Women

Women play a vital role in the meeting and events industry today. However, only a few women ever reach the leadership positions in these organizations. The MPI program provides funds for college education, career and leadership to increase the number of women who are able to attain leadership positions within meetings and events organizations. If you’re passionate and want to work hard to be the best, then the MPI scholarship grant can be just the ticket to get you on your way to the top!

To learn more about MPI and the available scholarships for women, visit their website at:

International Federation of University Women (IFUW) Grants For Women

IFUW aims to empower women through education so if you’re education minded and want to apply for some extra assistance, this could be the program for you. It offers national funding for women that targets all level of education, from primary to post secondary study and research. International grants are open to women graduates who are members of national federations and associations of IFUW.

To learn more about the grant opportunities provided by IFUW and to see if you qualify, check out their website at:

Grants for Women

Grants for Women

Google Anita Borg Scholarship

This program is designed to encourage women to outshine in the field of computing and technology. The grant amounts range from $1,000 to $10,000. If you’ve got a passion for computers and or programming then this is definitely the one scholarship or grant that should be at the top of your application list.

To learn more about the program and why it was created, check out this page: 

Grants for Women from Patrina Foundation

The Patrina Foundation provides financial support to girls and women and helps them pursue a better life through education. At present, girls and women from New York and surrounding counties are eligible to receive grants from this foundation in order to support higher learning so if you live in New York or one of the surrounding counties and you need help with education expenses, this is worth checking out. There are plenty of career possibilities for women just like you in every field in the U.S. and higher education is the key to achieving your career goals.

For more information about this grant opportunity, visit the Patrina website at:

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