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Many Jewish scholarships are being offered to students who want to pursue their education. They offer monetary assistance to both high school and college Jewish students. To be able to be eligible for scholarships, the student must be Jewish and must provide evidence of academic excellence. The main goal of these scholarships is to identify not only religious beliefs but their ancestry and legacy as well.

Jewish Scholarships Providers

Jewish scholarships are provided not by government agencies, but by private organizations, usually managed by Jews. The qualifications for applying for Jewish scholarships vary from one another, depending on the requirements set by each organization or group. Therefore, in applying Jewish scholarships, you must keep your mind on the specific requirements of each group.

The JVS Scholarship Program is one of the most popular Jewish scholarships in the United States. Students who are attending recognized universities, colleges, and trade schools are entitled to apply for this scholarship. Each student also is entitled to present proof of financial neediness to attend college education.

Other Jewish scholarships are offered to students who participated in an accepted Israel Experience program. The amount being provided by this scholarship varies according to the monetary needs of the student. These kinds of Jewish scholarships aspires students to enhance Jewish identity and increase their commitment to Jewish community.

The HIAS Scholarship offers Jewish scholarships to Jewish students who have financial difficulties in their education. In able for them to qualify for these Jewish scholarships, aside from financial needs, they must have verification of their services for the Jewish community and academic performance.

The Jewish Vocational Service Scholarship fund is another Jewish scholarships that are offered o students who are permanent resident of the United States. They are also required to attend full-time an approved vocational school or college, and must sustain at least 2.7 GPA. If not, then they are not qualified to apply for this type of Jewish scholarships.

Jewish Scholarships

Jewish Scholarships

Jewish Scholarships Essay

If a student excels in essay writing about Jewish heritage and legacies, then he or she is entitled to apply for Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation Essay Contest. These Jewish scholarships are awarded to high school and college students. They are given the option to choose which college or university they prefer to attend and study.

FEREP Graduate Scholarship Program is another type of Jewish scholarships that are available to students who wish to continue their masters degree related to non-profit management, non-clinical social work, and public administration. However, they must be a full-time graduate students who attended approved university in Canada or United States.


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The above-mentioned Jewish scholarships are among the few provided for Jewish students who cannot afford college and university education. Nonetheless, there are still so many scholarships provided for Jewish students. You may look for other scholarships offered by the Jewish community in the internet and search the most appropriate scholarship for you. The main purpose of all Jewish scholarships is to provide deserving Jewish students the chance to get a diploma and degree in college. On the other hand, it is their obligation to give back to the Jewish community what they have learned and share what they have achieved.

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