Left Handed Scholarships To Pursue Higher Education

Left-handed people are very less in number. Only 10% of Americans are left- handed. Hence, they belong to a minority category. If you are a left -handed student, you are eligible for left-handed scholarships to pursue higher education. Getting a good quality education is expensive nowadays. Hence, if you are left-handed, doing some research on left-handed scholarships can help you reduce your financial burden. Get more information at http://www.finaid.org/scholarships/unusual.phtml.


Juniata College Left-Handed Scholarships


Left-handers are celebrated in many sports, but many organizations ignore them. Juniata College offers financial assistance to left-handed students through Fredrick and Mary F Buckley program, which they can use to pay for tuition. Juniata Scholarship amounts to $1,000 to $1,500.


Sophomores, juniors and seniors who are enrolled in a program offered by Juniata College can apply for this scholarship. Left-handers are selected on the basis of top academic records. You may need to pass the standards fixed by the authorities. Your grade should be less than 3.39. Left-handed students who are good in academics have more chance for getting this scholarship. Once you prove that you have good academic records, you can get the scholarship amount, which you can use to pay for tuition. See http://www.juniata.edu/ to get a detailed insight on this program.


Being a left-hander is not the only eligibility criterion for getting scholarship. Your academic achievements, leadership, your family income and athletic abilities may also help you get scholarship. Every scholarship has a timeframe. It is worth to know about the deadline for applying for left-handed scholarships and submit your application before the deadline. You can find more information by visiting http://oedb.org/scholarship/left-handed.


Left Handed Scholarships

Left Handed Scholarships


Left Handed Scholarships – Academic Qualification

Several government bodies consider left-handed people as those with a handicap and this is why they give them certain awards and scholarships. But this is not the only requirement to apply for left handed scholarship. As mentioned above, you need to have a good academic record as well. Since there are hundreds of applicants, final selection is based on academic assessment.  Thus, left handed students with an excellent academic record have higher chances of getting such a scholarship. You may also need to give a few references to verify that you are a lefty.  This may not be mandatory for all institutions but be ready with some references, just in case you need them. There are some schools who also conduct a special test to confirm that you are left-handed. Get complete information at http://lefthanded-scholarships.com/.

Career Possibilities


Many people think that being a left-hander can affect their career choices. However, studies prove that left-handers have many career possibilities in the field of administration, information technology, music, arts, sport and media. Completing higher education is an added advantage, as it can help you get a better career and salary. Make use of the left-handed scholarship to achieve your education goal

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