Scholarships for Single Mothers Aspiring To Be Teachers

There isn’t a tougher job in the world than being a single parent especially if you’re trying to juggle work, school and kids at the same time. There are so many challenges that single parents, especially single mothers, have to face and overcome. There is good news, however. It’s possible to dramatically improve your situation by working in the education sector. The government offers many scholarships for single mothers aspiring to be teachers and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be the recipient of one of these scholarships!

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

The Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund is an annual scholarship program that offers a $4,000 award to undergraduate single mothers. To be eligible for this scholarship, your major must be in education. This program is administered on an as needed basis and applicants can receive the award more than once as long as they still meet the requirements. So, if you’re going to be a teacher, it can’t hurt to apply for this scholarship because $4,000 can do a lot to help defray some of the expenses you’re facing.

If you think you might be qualified and want to learn more about the program, check it out here:

McGraw-Hill Professional Development Scholarship

The McGraw-Hill Professional Development Scholarship is specifically for those single mothers who know and are striving for a degree in teaching marketing education. This scholarship can be tough to get because the requirements are quite stringent. You’ll need to have a number of letters of recommendation as well as numerous written statements detailing your studies. But, depending on your application and the paperwork you have to support it, you could receive anywhere from $500 to $1,000 to assist you with school expenses. Well worth the effort if you qualify.

To discover the ins and outs of this program and to get an application, check out:

Robert G. Porter Scholars Program

The Robert G. Porter Scholars Program for AFT Members caters to both graduate and undergraduate students who are part of the American Federation of Teachers. The award for recipients of this scholarship is $1,000 and is only available to those single mothers who have been members of AFT for at least one year. Even if you’re not a member of AFT now, go ahead and join and then next year at this time, you may be eligible for this scholarship!

To learn more about this scholarship opportunity, check out AFT’s website:

American Montessori Teacher Education Scholarship

The American Montessori Teacher Education Scholarship Fund is awarded to anywhere from five to twenty single mother undergraduates who are majoring in education. It is intended specifically for those single mothers who are aspiring to be teachers and are looking to explore the Montessori way of education. Most of the scholarships are roughly $2,500 but may be more or less depending on the decision of the awarding committee. This is a great scholarship to apply for and one that should seriously be added to your short list if you’re a single mother who’s studying to become a teacher.

For more information on qualifications and to get an application form if you are qualified, please visit:

Scholarships for Single Mothers Aspiring To Be Teachers

Scholarships for Single Mothers Aspiring To Be Teachers

Tomorrow Teacher Scholarship Program

The Tomorrow Teacher Scholarship Program is a really special program in that it is specifically for single mothers who are still in high school and who live in the state of Massachusetts. To be eligible for the award from this scholarship, you should be a dedicated student who is in the top 25% of your class. The great thing about this scholarship is that it provides the recipient complete tuition to any public college in Massachusetts! Yep, it pays all of your tuition fees! Should you opt to go to a private school, only part of the money will be awarded but that’s better than no money at all, right? One other requirement for eligibility for this scholarship is a promise to teach at any school in Massachusetts for a minimum of four years upon successful graduation from college. That’s not such a bad deal when you think about it!

To discover more about this amazing opportunity to have your whole college tuition paid, check out the Tomorrow Teacher website at:

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance

The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority is another place-specific scholarship program. It is specifically for those single mothers living in Kentucky who are finishing education for their certification for teaching. Depending upon where you stand in the education hierarchy, the scholarship amount varies. If you are a junior or senior level graduate student, you can expect to be awarded about $2,500 for each semester while sophomores and freshman will receive about $625. While not the largest scholarship award available for single mothers, this one is nothing to sneeze at. That’s money that can be used to pay for anything that is school related including tuition and books.

To learn more about this scholarship program and to find out if you can qualify, please check out their website at:

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