Scholarships for Young Single Mothers

The life of a single mother is tough to say the least. She has to run errands, look after her child, put in long hours at work and has to spend time with her family. It becomes nearly an impossible situation if she decides to pursue her education apart from all this. With limited financial resources (most of which are used up for upbringing of her child), she would rather let go of her education than cut corners while raising her child.

The current state of the economy is such that a single mother cannot afford to educate herself without some external help. But instead of taking loans from the bank or relatives, she can apply for any of the various scholarships for young single mothers that the government offers to help out women in this situation.


TEACH Grant Program

TEACH Grant Program for Aspiring Teachers is a scholarship program by the government to help out single mothers who want to become teachers but do not have the finances for that. The applicants can get up to $4,000 each year in the way of scholarship. The students receiving the scholarship must promise to work as full-time teachers in a school that caters to students from economically backward classes. Visit for more information.

Federal Work Study Program for Single Mothers

Federal Work Study Program for Single Mothers is available for single mothers who want to pursue their higher studies. This financial help is offered to students in form of grants and scholarships. It provides an opportunity to them to earn some money by working part-time in or outside the campus, in the field that they have chosen. This provides them with the necessary work experience and valuable earnings that they can use towards their education. Find out more at

Academic Competitiveness Grant

The Academic Competitiveness Grant aims at providing the much needed financial aid to single mothers who are too poor to pay for their own education. If the applicant fulfills the criteria laid down by the government. Learn more about this grant at

Scholarships for Young Single Mothers

Scholarships for Young Single Mothers

Federal Pell Grant for Young Single Mothers

Federal Pell Grant for Single Mothers is another grant that is offered to students who deserve but cannot afford to pay for their education. Depending upon various conditions that are taken into account, the sum of the grant is decided. Some factors that come into play are the financial status of the student, the length of the course applied for and the kind of course- whether it is a fulltime or a part-time course. Visit for more details.

National SMART Grant

National SMART Grant i.e. the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent grant is based on merit and is for single parents. This is given for major courses in mathematics, sciences, engineering, and technology. To be eligible for this single mother scholarship, you must be a full-time student in 3rd or 4th years of undergraduate study.

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