Single Parent Government Grants That Prove Useful

Raising a child is no easy task to begin with and it becomes even tougher when you’re a single parent. With the cost of living and education rising at an incredible rate each year, it’s difficult for everyone, but especially single parents, to raise their children and seek to further their education, too. To help out people who find themselves in such circumstances, the government offers single parent government grants which are purposely designed to provide financial help to single parents who want or need to continue their education.

Single Parent Government Grants -Pell Grant

This is perhaps the most well-known government grant for single mothers. It is generally available to low-earning high school graduates who want to continue their education but cannot afford to. The amount of the grant varies and is dependent upon:

  • the financial need of the student/single parent
  • costs to be incurred for school attendance (i.e. transportation, housing, etc…)
  • other related factors such as the nature of the course, whether it’s a full time or a part time one, and whether the student is attending the college for one full academic year or less.

You won’t be able to get a Pell Grant from more than a single school at a time. The limit of the financial assistance needed/awarded is decided through an elaborate formula that takes into account many factors. The highest amount you would likely receive through this government program is $5,550. The best part about this program is that because it’s a grant, it never has to be repaid.

You can get more information about this grant here: or here:

Single Parent Government Grants: The Federal Student Aid Program

This main goal of this program is to provide grants to single mothers and fathers so that they may take advantage of opportunities to go to college and earn a degree. This is money that is set aside by the Federal Government solely for this purpose and nearly everyone who is eligible will receive financial assistance. The purpose of these grants is to prevent the socio-economic status of any person from creating an obstacle for them while they seek higher education. This is quite literally free money for you to go to school if you qualify. All you have to do is fill out the forms!

To read more about this program and its qualifications, visit the Federal Student Aid website at:

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

This is another need-based grant from the Federal Government that has certain eligibility requirements that not everyone can or will meet. Only those single parents who have proof of serious financial issues will be eligible for this. if eligibility requirements are met, the recipient can look forward to anywhere from $400 to $4,000 to assist with education-related costs. Pell Grant recipients are also eligible for the FSEOG Grant and generally, if you qualify for a Pell Grant, you will qualify for the FSEOG, as well.

More information about this government grant program is available at:

Single Parent Government Grants

Single Parent Government Grants

Single Parent Government Grants at

This is one of the main government websites dealing with the grants that are available today. You’ll find a wide variety of assistance programs listed on the site as well as instructions on how to apply for the individual programs. This is a really useful site that helps people connect with the government and the benefits that are there for them. You’re able to actually fill out a quick form and then be matched with grants and scholarships that you could be eligible for. Pretty neat!

Make sure to check it out today!

Single Parent Government Grants at

This is another government-run website dealing with grants and scholarships for students who are in search of funds to continue their education. You’re able to search for grants that meet certain requirements that you may have and once you’ve found a program that is suitable, you can apply for it directly from the website. It really doesn’t get much easier than that when it comes to getting grants and scholarships for continuing your education!

Here’s the website so be sure you give it a look and find the grant that’s perfect for you!

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